Equipment Express – Canada | United States


Heavy lifting for more than 50 years

Incorporated in the 1950’s, Equipment Express Inc. was organized to be a transportation arm to two large US rigging companies. Specializing in the movement of transformers and machine tools, Equipment Express Inc. moved into almost every industrial area over the span of 35 years.

In 2001, the management team was expanded to include the discipline of transportation engineering. This has augmented our innovation and capabilities which in turn directly benefits our customer base.

Equipment Express Today

Our current line up includes 250 trailers, 80 tractors and 25 escort vehicles. We can manage projects of any size, anywhere in North America. Our head office is located in Ayr, Ontario along with a transload facility in Laredo, Texas.

Our services are deployed in industries such as power generation, construction, pollution control, refinery, and mining. Our office in Ayr has a fully experienced staff, which includes safety and compliance office, administration, transportation engineers, dispatchers and estimators.

Equipment Express is forever coming up with new transportation solutions to solve many transportation issues. It was over a year and a half ago, that Equipment Express Inc. became the first Canadian carrier to tackle the logistical challenges of moving 80m wind towers and other carriers have since tried to follow. As industries change, so does Equipment Express. From our way of moving equipment, to the equipment we use, we are always ready for anything new.