Equipment Express – Canada | United States


Rail Service Projects

If it’s too big to move by road, no problem. Equipment Express Inc. can provide transportation to and from the nearest rail siding and handle the unloading and loading of rail cars including block and brace. We have loaded and and unloaded countless numbers of rail cars over the years and our excellent reputation for safety and reliability with the rail companies will benefit you directly.

Transformer Projects

Equipment Express Inc. has been handling transformers for over twenty years, from transporting and final placement of 750,000 LB transformers to the field dressing. We provide Jack and Roll services for any size transformer. This service, along with our specially designed transformer trailers allows us to handle your next transformer project from start to finish. The vast amount of experience in handling sensitive equipment has enabled us to expand our expertise to other markets.

Wind Turbine Projects

Since 2011, Equipment Express has skillfully transported more than 10,000 individual loads of major wind turbine components, emerging as Canada’s leader in this market segment. Trust that our modern fleet of specialized equipment and experienced staff can safely and efficiently complete your wind turbine transportation project from Route Study to Completion.

Machinery Projects

Our rigging and millwright capabilities can move a single machine across town or relocate an entire manufacturing facility across Canada, the United States or Mexico. Whether it’s dismantling, transporting and reinstalling existing equipment, or the primary installation of a state of the art piece of equipment, our personnel can handle the task with unparalleled safety and efficiency. Using the most up to date hydraulic gantry systems and heavy capacity forklifts, we have the equipment to make your next move an easy one.



Our In-House Permitting Department was developed to expedite the permitting process for our oversize/overweight loads and in turn removed the need for a third party permitting service.  The Department also greatly assists many areas as a quick reference and resource tool when it comes to quoting, problem solving and routing.